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Helping girls ages 6-18 enhance their lives by showing them how to find their Purpose, Gain Empowerment, and Build Confidence.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to educate the girls from the inside out. As a 20-year vet in teaching adult education I know how important it is not only to be successful on the outside, but also to know how to display good characteristics from the inside. Showing  girls how to be respectful, display a good attitude, being polite and so on determines their outcome in life. We also educate the girls on how to look presentable and act like a young lady always, teaching them how to perform things like simple ponytail, braiding, basic make up etc.   Our classes are geared towards teaching the girls how to grow up to be productive women. We also take trips to local colleges, hair shows, historical sites etc. to open the minds of our young ladies allowing them to achieve or be anything their hearts desire. By being a member of Girls on The Glow these young ladies will not only build their confidence and empowerment, but will also be directed to find their purpose in life.


Building confidence

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